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Removing an Executor, some considerations

Before removing an executor, some consideration should be given to whether they are in fact carrying out their duties.

What is the Executor’s Year?

The executor’s year is meant to give ample time for all assets and liabilities to be properly identified and to ensure everything is in order before the estate is distributed to the beneficiaries.

The Tell Us Once service

Tell us once is a free service offered by most local authorities on behalf of the DWP (department of work and pensions).

Resealing a grant of probate

Resealing a grant of probate is a requirement for estates that include assets of a foreign jurisdiction.

Coronavirus affect on Probate and Probate registry delays

Probate is the process of obtaining a grant of probate from the Probate registry to access the assets of a person who has passed away.

When Will I Receive My Inheritance?

Estate administration and probate can be a complex and time-consuming process but it dictates how long it takes to receive an inheritance.

Can An Executor Be A Beneficiary?

Executor means, or refers to, a job role that involves administering the estate of someone who has passed away.

Can an executor sell property?

Probate property is most commonly used to refer to land or buildings where a registered owner is deceased.

Refusing your Inheritance

For many people the prospect of receiving a gift in a Will is much appreciated but for others it can be unwelcome.

The meaning of probate and a grant of probate

The literal definition of probate is “the legal proving of the Will” the proof comes in the form of a grant of probate.

What happens when an executor dies?

What happens when an executor dies depends on several factors. The executor’s role is to deal with things for the deceased and in particular their estate.

Beneficiary of a Will rights

A beneficiary is a person that is entitled to an inheritance from the estate of someone who has passed away.

Where there is no Will – Provision for the Family & Dependants

Where there is no Will – financial provision for the family & dependants is governed by a set of rules known as the Laws of Intestacy.

Cost of Probate Fees in 2019 after proposed changes

Probate fees in the UK are the charges made by the Probate Courts in England and Wales for the application and registration of probate.

Is probate necessary? Find out when probate is needed.

The requirement for going through probate and obtaining a grant depends on the assets in the deceased’s estate.

Excepted Estate – Non-Inheritance taxable estates

An excepted estate may also arise where everything is being left to a charity or organisation that qualifies as being exempt from Inheritance tax.

Dealing with the estate’s finances

When it comes to obtaining probate, the executor can, of course, choose to use a solicitor.

Valuing Assets in the Deceased’s Estate

Valuing assets in the deceased’s estate is one of the most important jobs the executor or administrator has. It is the basis upon which an estate is assessed for IHT purposes.

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