How many executors can you have in a Will?

You can name up to four people in your Will to act as your Executors.  The probate office will only issue the grant of probate to up to four people so if any more are named, it’s a likely scenario that any additional would renounce their position.

How to find probate records online

When an executor has finalised the distribution of an estate subject to probate the relevant probate office will forward details to the public records office

What do executors of A Will do? 

The Executors in your Will should be someone you trust to administer your estate.  The role is time consuming and can be complex so you should be sure you are naming the correct people in this role. 

Removing a professional Executor How To?

Final Duties are pleased to offer a no renounce no fee service. We are happy to ask any professional executor to renounce if the beneficiaries would like to take advantage of our low-cost probate service.

Services for Executors

The job of Executor is an essential role in the administration and management of an estate.