Is there such thing as Cheap Probate?

Is there such a thing as Cheap Probate? Well, depends who you ask of course. Probate Fees are just another added expense at a time when you don’t really want to be thinking about cost. Its precisely because of this that its worth shopping around for probate in order to reduce probate fees.

Is Cheap Probate Bad Probate?

No not always, the trick to managing probate fees and obtaining probate for the cheapest possible cost is to shop around but not all probate providers are equal.

So back to the question is cheap probate bad probate? The price you pay will ultimately depend on how complex the deceased’s estate is and the service you receive will depend on the effort you put in.

Being a Probate Broker, Final Duties manage their panel both on price and service, in-fact we are the UK’s oldest probate panel manager and have years of experience. This is important with today’s easier routes to market where anyone can set themselves up providing probate and use real customers as guinea pigs to develop their business.

Understanding the pit falls of the probate market takes time to learn we have spent the 8 years shopping around. We have dealt with Probate suppliers of all shapes and colours but ultimately, we always return to the regulated markets place.

Dealing with a fully qualified probate solicitor ensures that you transaction is regulated by the Law Society and its various codes of conduct. This is important because it means that no matter what you pay, as long as you are using a regulated solicitor you have some redress around probate fees. No matter how cheap probate fees become as long as you follow the golden rule you can be sure that the administration of the estate can be scrutinised during or after the probate transaction.

Unfortunately, new entrants into the market do not always mean cheaper probate fees in fact during the last few month we have seen probate fees rise with the entry to the market of big corporate interests who squeeze distribution for smaller companies. Shopping around means not just visiting the big brands but also checking out what the smaller brands have to offer. You may be surprised as the big brand names are not always offering the cheapest probate fees.

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