DIY Wills advice

DIY Wills can make your life very complicated if not written properly, it’s very advisable that you look into getting a professional Will. Generally, people know why we should all make a Will, but while the idea itself is quite simple in theory, making sure that it is done properly is very important.

While you want to make certain the right people are identified in your Will, it often happens that it is not done in the right way. Especially if it is a do it yourself will or a will prepared by an unqualified unprofessional and often uninsured will writing company.

All it takes is one simple mistake in the way the will is written or signed, and the entire will is void. That is why it is important to get professional help. It is very easy to believe all you read on the internet services web pages saying” get you DIY will here for x amount of money, cheap and the majority if websites say legal document.

A fully qualified solicitor is the best option knowing that if you do die everything you wrote is legal and go to plan. If you do opt for a DIY will kit It could cause more pain and grief to your loved ones if there is a huge battle because the will hasn’t been done professionally.

While it might be tempting to produce a do it yourself, it can be a dangerous thing to do if you don’t have all the required legal knowledge. It’s not simply a question of making sure all the right people are recognized as beneficiaries, you also need to make sure the will is signed and witnessed in exactly the right way, otherwise, it’s as good as not having one at all

Here at Final Duties, We have a specialist panel of solicitors all able to help you prepare your will legally and above all give you the peace of mind that if anything was to happen your assets go to the people you have chosen to receive your assets. Going down the DIY will path may result in the assets going to the wrong people. a more complicated probate application process and in some circumstances a court case would be the only way to resolve the matter. Your family will not just be coping with the loss of a loved one but also having to prepare for a legal battle over assets.

Please call us and we can give you advice about having a legally binding Will. We wouldn’t recommend cutting corners on anything legal especially when it comes to Estates, money etc. It’s very dangerous and could cause huge problems.

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