Do I need a probate solicitor?

The Question “Do I need a probate solicitor?” is one that we hear on a regular basis, or we see when browsing conversations in online forums, “Do I need a Probate Solicitor?”

The answer is no, there is no law stating that you need to use a solicitor when applying for a Grant of Probate. If someone chooses to take the responsibility of dealing with a whole probate case without legal professionals then that is not a problem, although having some kind of experience within probate probably would be an asset as probate can be very time consuming and complicated. Obviously, this would depend on the complexity of the estate.

A recent survey of 1,514 consumers provides some very interesting facts.

A survey by Sun Life Direct, shows that the average cost of the administration of the estate (probate) stood at £2,199. Now this calculation is not just for the banks and solicitors but would also include people taking on probate themselves.

With people feeling a lack of trust towards their banks over the last few years there has been a 4% reduction in people instructing banks to deal with the affairs of the deceased. The figure currently is standing at just 3% down from 7% in 2009. Evidence here suggests that banks charge far too much when offering probate services.

The survey from Sun Life Direct also shows that 49% used a solicitor to deal with their probate this is a 6% increase. Also, the survey showed that most people who used a Probate solicitor shopped around first.

This is what makes us at Final Duties different.

We have a large selection of probate solicitors all competing for your probate case. This means that we can produce the best price, saving you money.

Many local high street solicitors charge by the hour. We give you a fixed fee quote, what we quote is what you pay. No hidden costs, no added extras.

Need help finding a solicitor?

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