Need a Probate professional?

When do you need a Probate professional when dealing with probate?

Applying for probate is a task that many people find daunting, some people do successfully apply for probate themselves and some people don’t have the time to give up to the hours of paperwork and others simply don’t feel confident in their knowledge of probate.

Probate can be very complex and even the smallest of estates can take between 6-9 months to complete.  Some people may have experience of dealing with probate in the past and are well aware of the obstacles that may arise, and others wouldn’t even know where to start.

Here at Final Duties we will point you in the right direction regarding your current probate case. I have written a few points below which may help you to decide if you need a Probate professional.

  • You can’t find the Beneficiaries
  • The terms of the will are unclear, and you don’t understand
  • there is a problem locating the will
  • whether the estate is liable for inheritance tax
  • when there is no will and the person who died was married with children
  • The will may be contested
  • No will but the deceased is married and the value of the estate amounts to more than £250,000
  • An estate that is worth more than £325,000
  • If part of the estate is bequeathed to any children under 18 years of age
  • When part of the estate is a property or money in a trust
  • If the deceased had a business or was a partner in a business
  • If the deceased owns land or property that has an unregistered title
  • If the estate has been declared insolvent
  • Id the deceased has land/property in another country

If you are the executor of an estate and are looking for a probate professional to do the administration on your behalf, speak to a member of our team on 08007318722 or send us an inquiry via our website.

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