Probate Translation Services with Final Duties

Final Duties can arrange for a fully certified and stamped translation of the death certificate at a fixed rate fee of £99 as part of our probate service.

There are certain circumstances in which it would be necessary to have the death certificate of the deceased translated into a second language in order to proceed with the administration of the Estate.

If you require the translation of additional documents in relation to the estate for example, the grant of probate or Will, we can provide you with a fixed fee quotation.

UK held assets of a person who died outside of the UK

If a person has died outside of the UK it is often necessary for the Death certificate to be translated into English in order for it to be sent alongside the original to any UK institutions holding assets under the deceased’s name.

A fully certified and stamped translated version of the will may also be needed when applying for a grant of probate or grant of administration (when there is no will). The translated version would be sent alongside the original death certificate, the probate application and corresponding inheritance tax form.

A person who has died in the UK but has assets in another country

If a person has died in the UK but has assets in another country, it may be necessary for their death certificate to be translated and distributed to the relevant institutions holding assets in the deceased’s name in that country in order to release those assets.

Every country has different laws and regulation in regard to inheritance and in some cases it is necessary to apply for that countries equivalent to a grant of probate in order to access the assets held there. You would use the translated version along with the original to apply for the relevant documentation.

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