Removing a professional Executor How To?

Final Duties are pleased to offer a no renounce no fee service. We are happy to ask any professional executor to renounce if the beneficiaries would like to take advantage of our low-cost probate service.

Often solicitors, banks or will providers write themselves in a will as a professional executor. Whilst often this is done with the best of intentions it can sometimes be implemented to ensure that the provider receives work in the future.

This work can often be overpriced and because the professional is also the executor, it can be hard for the beneficiaries to get them to renounce as there is nothing compelling a professional executor to do so.

On many occasions, though Final Duties have found that professional executors would rather renounce than work with a group of beneficiaries that do not value their service or believe in the decision made by the testator. In order to ask an executor to renounce, all the beneficiaries must agree that this is the preferred course of action.

Simply call Final Duties now and we will provide you with a fixed fee quote that includes writing to the existing executors and asking them to renounce. You will pay nothing for our service if the executor refuses to renounce although this is quite rare. We will write to the existing executor within 7 days of receiving your instruction and will keep you fully updated of our progress.

You can find examples of customers we have helped here and a contact us form if you would prefer us to call you back.

In a high court victory, final duties secured a result on behalf of customer saving thousands in executor fees. You can read more about this judgment in the Khan v Crossland court case.

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Often solicitors, banks or Will providers write themselves in a Will as a professional executor.

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Often solicitors, banks or will providers write themselves in a will as a professional executor.