Saga Probate and Legal Services in choppy waters?

Saga Probate Stop Providing Quotes

Is Saga Probate and Legal Services in choppy waters? Things may not be plain sailing at Saga Legal services, in fact it would appear that unlike their cruise ships, SAGA legal services could be sinking under the weight of its own success. The UK’s largest over 50’s insurance provider today stopped offering quotes to potential legal services customers.

SAGA was advertising SAGA probate, SAGA Wills and SAGA Conveyancing via Google but today’s absence sparked curiosity and when phoned they advised they were seeking to change supplier and could not quote for my probate transaction.

As so often happens with legal re sellers it would seem that maybe the SAGA legal team may have failed to keep pace with Saga Marketing possibly resulting in capacity issues. Obviously, this is just my opinion based on the information provided when I called. I was very politely told that Saga were seeking to change their service providers and as a result they were currently unable to offer me a probate quote. They did however offer to help me with any advice I may need and to give me a call back in the future. This of course is in-line with what you expect from a successful service-based company and is one of the reasons for their recent success.

Alas not all Probate, Solicitors and legal service providers like saga are so keen to stop taking new work when they see it impacting service. Stuck on the treadmill of sales targets and generating new revenue they continue to take work as service declines. This often leads to Law Firms going into administration and sparking an SRA intervention.

You can find out more information about how the SRA manage an intervention here

Whilst most customers are protected by the SRA and can feel confident another solicitor will pick up the work on their behalf, those buying unregulated products like wills may find themselves outside of the protection provided by the SRA. As wills are an unregulated product anyone can set up shop to provide them. If you are not using a practicing solicitor regulated by the SRA, you may not be entitled to compensation in a company administration situation.

If you have been unable to use SAGA legal services and require a quote for probate or require any help and advice to deal with a poor probate service give Final Duties a call on 0800 731 8722 for a fixed fee probate quotation or send us an inquiry via our website.

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