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Removing a professional Executor How To?

Often solicitors, banks or will providers write themselves in a will as a professional executor.

Executor Duties – What does being an executor involve?

An executor is a person with the legal authority to manage the deceased’s assets and undertake the administration of the estate upon their death.

Services for Executors

The job of Executor is an essential role in the administration and management of an estate.

Probate Valuation – Assets and Estates

When applying for probate you will have to obtain a probate valuation of any and all properties owned by the deceased.

Probate Property Services from Final Duties

Final Duties can offer a fully managed probate property service if required. Working with the executor we can take the time and trouble out of the sales process.

What does Resealing a Grant of Probate mean?

A grant of probate or its equivalent if issued from a court not in England it will not automatically be accepted by the institution holding the English assets.

Probate Translation Services with Final Duties

There are certain circumstances in which it would be necessary to have the death certificate of the deceased translated into a second language in order to proceed with the administration of the Estate.

What does International Probate mean?

One of the first steps in estate administration is locating information on the deceased’s assets in order to get an understanding of what work will be involved.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A legal Document which allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf and manage your affairs if you become unable to or unwilling to do so.

About our Will Writing and Trust Services

Our Will writing service is provided by our in-house team of Institute of Professional Will writers (IPW Qualified) Will writers.

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