What do executors of A Will do? 

The Executors in your Will should be someone you trust to administer your estate.  The role is time consuming and can be complex so you should be sure you are naming the correct people in this role. 

Problems and disputes

It is a sad but true fact that the passing away of a family member can cause a dispute within the family.

Dying without a Will – Intestacy

When a person dies without a will, they are said to have died “intestate.” An Intestate estate is the property and assets of a deceased person who left no Will.

What is a Trust in a Will?

There will be different disadvantages depending on the type of trust being used and your individual circumstances.

New EU inheritance laws

The European parliament has back proposals which will bring in regulation that would change the way succession and inheritance is dealt with across the EU.

Cost of dying rises above £9,000

The cost of dying has risen above £9000 in 2018 according to the SunLife (2018), Cost of Dying Report, which has been recording the costs of dying since 2007.