Digital Will Archive Announced

On the 27th December 2014, the government launched a digital will archive detailing 41 million wills that date back to 1858.

What is Estate planning?

Nobody wants to spend too much time thinking about death, but the importance of proper estate planning is paramount to the people in your life who you will leave behind.

Coping with bereavement

Mourning and grief are experiences which are almost certain to take place to us sooner or later in life.

DIY Wills advice

DIY wills can make your life very complicated if not written properly, it’s very advisable that you look into getting a professional will.

Plan now Not later

Are you fully prepared for retirement, have you thought about what could happen? You need to Plan now Not later. New stats below show.

Executor Advice – Dealing with a Will

We know that the process can be overwhelming so here we go through the first important steps of the estate administration, which starts with dealing with a Will.