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What happens to digital assets after someone’s death?

In the modern world use of the internet and electronic devices has become a staple of our daily routines.

Assets in an EU country

With free movement between EU countries, retiring abroad became popular and many UK citizens bought property in the EU.

Resealing a grant of probate

Resealing a grant of probate is a requirement for estates that include assets of a foreign jurisdiction.

Can An Executor Be A Beneficiary?

Executor means, or refers to, a job role that involves administering the estate of someone who has passed away.

Refusing your Inheritance

For many people the prospect of receiving a gift in a Will is much appreciated but for others it can be unwelcome.

What happens when an executor dies?

What happens when an executor dies depends on several factors. The executor’s role is to deal with things for the deceased and in particular their estate.

Beneficiary of a Will rights

A beneficiary is a person that is entitled to an inheritance from the estate of someone who has passed away.

Where there is no Will – Provision for the Family & Dependants

Where there is no Will – financial provision for the family & dependants is governed by a set of rules known as the Laws of Intestacy.

What is a gift with reservation?

A gift with reservation occurs when an individual makes a gift of an asset during their lifetime but continues to benefit from it.

Inheriting and How It Could Affect You

Most benefits are means tested. This means that once income and savings exceed certain threshold benefits reduce and eventually cease.

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