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HSBC Wills Customers told they have to leave.

HSBC has advised all of its Will customers that they will no longer be offering the service and that they need to leave as customers or sign up with simplify.

Saga Probate and Legal Services in choppy waters?

The UK’s largest over 50’s insurance provider today stopped offering quotes to potential legal services customers.

What is An Executor Account And Do I Need One?

An executor account is a special banking account that enables the estate’s executors/administrators to gather all of the deceased’s cash assets in one place.

The Executors Role in Probate

Probate is a word you may commonly hear when discussing the estate and affairs of a deceased person. 

Joint Bank Accounts and Probate

In the majority of cases, you will not need a grant of probate for a joint bank account. The account will pass over to the surviving owner/owners and the deceased’s name will be removed from the account.

Probate fees to increase under new charging structure

Probate fees to increase under a new system could see some pay £20,000 when left estates worth more than £2m by a deceased relative.

What is Contentious Probate

Probate and Wills are an expert area of legislation, and within that, is Contentious Probate – legal speak for having a bun battle over an estate.

Joint Tenancy VS Tenants in Common when it comes to Probate

With expensive care fees becoming more and more of a drain on savings, many couples are now looking into ways to protect their assets.

Do I need a Will?

Do I need a Will? Yes! A Will is a legal document expressing your wishes in regard to the distribution of your estate including property and other assets.

DIY Will VS Professional Wills

DIY Will friend or foe? “Nearly 60% of adults across the UK have not written a Will” according to research done by and explained in an article by this is money.

Marriage and Civil partnership VS Co-habitation and Common law

Unfortunately, not taking the proper precautions can lead to a lot of distress, disputes and even court cases in some circumstances.

Wills and Estates made famous by Charles Dickens

If you went to school in the UK, then you will know of Charles Dickens and have probably been forced to read Great Expectations at some point.

Probate and inheritance tax forms – The PA1P and PA1A

If the deceased’s estate requires probate in order to administer it, the personal representative will need to apply to the probate court for a Grant of Representation.

Probate and IHT forms explained.

Previously we have gone through the PA series of application forms you will need for probate. The PA1 form is the simplest in the process.

Cut out of £300,000 estate, could it have been avoided?

Stuart Herd was cut out of £300,000 estate by his dad’s second wife when she decided to rewrite her will after her husband’s death, leaving everything to her own child.

Selling a property that is subject to probate

Many people will experience the process of buying or selling a property at some point, it is not always a straightforward process but when selling a property that is subject to probate there is added complication.

Typical Mistakes made when handling probate alone

A last will and testament should be a valuable asset to the executor as it expresses the wishes of the deceased and should provide them with instructions on how to handle the estate.

Do I need a grant of probate?

Not everyone needs to go through probate as the requirement for probate is not solely dependent on a person’s death but on the assets in their estate.

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