Wills & Trust Wills

We offer a variety of fixed-fee professional Will writing services. Our experienced Will writers will listen to you, consider your circumstances and talk you through the best options for you and your estate.

Single Will

From £29

A Will is a legally binding document that safeguards you assets for your loved ones to inherit. A single Will accommodates one individual.

For example, it is suitable for someone who is not married or in a civil partnership.

Mirror Wills

From £49

A set of 2 wills that reflect each other. A Mirror Will accommodates partners or married couples with similar wishes. You do not have to be married or in a civil partnership.

Trust Wills

Fixed fee quotes

A Trust Will includes provisions now for the setting up of a Trust when you pass away. Trusts can be beneficial if you do not want your estate to go directly to your beneficiaries and would rather they be held in a particular way.

They are most commonly used:

  • To provide for a spouse or partner and protect their interests, whilst protecting for your children
  • To protect your beneficiaries and your estate from future events such as possible future care home fees and possible future remarriages
  • When there are beneficiaries under the age of 18, disabled or vulnerable.

How it Works

To find out what type of Will fits your needs, your dedicated Will writer will talk through your options and provide information and advice to suit your individual circumstances.


Once you and your Will writer have established what service will best suit your requirement, we provide you with a fixed-fee written quote.


You then complete a simple questionnaire to provide us with the relevant personal details and outline your wishes.


Once we have received your questionnaire, your dedicated Will writer will discuss your wishes in finer detail and answer any questions in a telephone appointment.

They will then write a Will specifically tailored to your needs and reflecting the wishes you’ve discussed.


You will be sent a draft version of your Will to read and check. Once you are completely happy, we will bind your Will and send it to you for signing and witnessing. This validates your Will.

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Wills advice

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A valid Will is a legal document expressing your wishes in regards to the distribution of your estate including property and other assets.
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