Probate Help from Final Duties

Filling for a grant of probate can be a very long and difficult process. If you have little or no knowledge about probate it would be wise to consider hiring an expert to help you.

How to speed up probate

The term probate can often be used to describe the entire process of administering an estate, which in general is not a quick process.

Probate Abroad – Dealing with foreign assets

Living abroad is becoming a popular option among British retirees. With the cost of living in the UK increasing, the opportunity to exchange rainy days for sea and sand is an attractive one.

Final Duties Steps of Probate

Final Duties are aware that the administration of an estate and applying for probate can be a long and stressful process.

What is Estate planning?

Nobody wants to spend too much time thinking about death, but the importance of proper estate planning is paramount to the people in your life who you will leave behind.

Cost of dying rises

The Cost of dying rises to equal three month’s worth of the average UK wage. Yet almost half of the population are unprepared.

Coping with bereavement

Mourning and grief are experiences which are almost certain to take place to us sooner or later in life.

Do I need a probate solicitor?

The Question “Do I need a probate solicitor?” in one that we hear on a regular basis, or we see when browsing conversations in online forums, “Do I need a Probate Solicitor?”